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10% Off all Items for these promotions Now until Midnight Central Time
on October 20th. Cannot be used with any other coupon or offer

Apply discount code: SEP2017
Discount DOES NOT APPLY to "Special Sale"Items.

Please Note that our Promotions are created in Office 365 Version of Microsoft Publisher.

If you require an older version of the Publisher file, we would be happy to provide that for you.

Simply email glitzandthings@gmail.com to request an older version of the file. Thank you!
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Sales Directors and Managers of direct selling companies. Our website provides promotional contests for your sales force. Suggested prizes are items that are currently in stock and are currently available from our suppliers. However, market changes, back orders can occur and suppliers can discontinue items without our knowledge. If this occurs, we will work diligently to find acceptable substitutions. There may be slight variations of style and color due to dye-lot issues and availability.

If you decide to use our products for promotions that you have designed yourself, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact our office regarding availability of those products BEFORE you run them in a promotion. Availability of any product is NOT GUARANTEED or EXPRESSED. Thank you.